Our Company 本社について

BioSeeds Corporation originated as a venture business laboratory from JAIST (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) and was founded on 24 April 2018 in the Hokuriku region in Japan. The company is realized and established as a ‘Deep Startup’ after exploring the 20-year-long journey of interdisciplinary research collaboration with 4 major laboratories in Japan including (Husimi-Nishigaki lab, Saitama University; T. Ichiki Lab, The University of Tokyo; Y. Takamura Lab, JAIST; K. Yasukawa Lab, Kyoto University) with a vision of transformation from Lab (Science) to Market (Deep Tech) and solve some of our most formidable and unreached societal challenges.

BioSeeds aims to sustain and strengthen the health of people and the environment by following two major goals-
1. Providing novel tools invented through micro-nano technologies [Business ‘D’]
2. Developing Aptamer-based diagnostics and therapeutic reagents [Business ‘W’]


    マニシュ ビヤニ   代表取締役 社長         Representative Director & President :  Manish Biyani

    西垣 功一     代表取締役                                   Representative Director :  Koichi Nishigaki

      河合 恵子     研究員                                           Researcher :  Keiko Kawai